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Small Business Solutions

Our experience involves businesses started by technocrats with an idea or a dream. We are proud to be instrumental in a number of cases where these ideas/dreams have become reality - atleast in its infant stage.

We will work with you throughout the various stages of your dream. A brief overview of the support we offer is listed below. Please feel free to contact us for solutions specific to your needs.

Starting the Business

Every human being at some point of time or other have thought about starting a business. A very few had the luxury and environment to really start one. And the success stories are even fewer. Yes, being one's own boss does sound very interesting. The key factors to success based on our knowledge and experience are

If you are ready, we were available to stand by you through the excitements and technicalities of being one's own boss. We could work with you in providing the right kind of support and resources to be part of your success story.

We will be there to assist you in the following areas:

Understanding the Financial Commitments

The most important resource for any successful business startup or expansion is securing the finance to support it. If not planned properly, it can be a very complex and frustrating process. Understanding the nitty gritty details and regulatory obligations in raising capital will help make this process less painful.

We could help you in understanding the complexities in the following areas:

Managing the Show

There are many activities to running a successful business apart from manufacturing a product, marketing and successfully distributing it. Most of the times, these activities tend to overwhelm and take away bulk of the time, thereby leaving the enterpreneur with very little time to focus on his core business. In some cases these activies are neglected leading to disruption in business growth. These activities are very important for the survival of the business right from the word go.

This is where we fit in and help you out. We could provide you piece-meal solution or complete packaged services to suit your particular needs. Here are some of those hidden responsibilities of running a successful business:

Buying/Selling the Business

Buying and Selling a business has its own share of legal and administrative hassles. Both requires extensive study of the financial obligations, inventory, receivables, customer goodwill, existing infrastructure and current regulatory obligations. Quantifying the value of business concept, brand name recognition, payables, receivables and the fundamental infrastructure and then evaluating it against the outright cost of purchasing or selling a business is the biggest challenge.

We could work with you through each of these areas in protecting your interest with your potential buyer or seller. We could also do an independent analysis in identifying the pros and cons of any potential target. We could help in preparing or studying the various statements and regulatory obligations.

Crisis Management and Preparedness

When we are ready to start a business, we wish and expect it to succeed. Having a crisis plan for possible pitfalls will help a long way for any unexpected downsides. Most of the business plans will run into unexpected ground level real life issues during the initial period due to genuine oversight or due to unrelated sequence of events. Most of these issues could be easily solved with better awareness and patience.

We could help you here by working shoulder to shoulder in conducting frank and fair analysis of the crisis and providing alternate options to weather the storm. We could study your business plans, budget forecast and other relevant documents to analysis any possible areas which would warrant alternate planning in advance. We could also help you in generating awareness about available additional resources in advance and be better prepared for difficult times.

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